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We are a bakery in the Bay Area, using only organic ingredients, naturally leavening our bread, and sourcing whole grains from California farmers.

We are a husband & wife team. This business that we have created together is an extension of ourselves; both as individuals and as a couple. It is an expression of our love for feeding & gathering others.

We named the business Base Camp Bakery because that is what we want to offer the East Bay community one day. A place to gather. A home away from home. A place to meet locals and travelers alike. A home for live music, art, family, and inspiration. A cozy, welcoming, joyful space centered around bread. That's our vision. That's our dream. 

We are always pushing ourselves to learn more, to live and bake with intention, to believe in, contribute to, and be a part of our community.

Come find us and say "Hi!" 

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